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Get ready to immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of nature, discover hidden gems that ignite your sense of wonder, and forge unforgettable connections with fellow adventurers. 

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Adventure Retreat

with nature in mind

Embark on an extraordinary journey of intentional movement, nourishment, and nature connection at Adventure Retreat. Set in the breathtaking landscapes of Playa El Valle, Samana, Dominican Republic, this immersive experience invites you to discover new depths within yourself while immersing in the wonders of the land.

Explore the lush beauty of a 30-mile verdant strip where the Atlantic Ocean meets the rainforested Sierra de Samaná. Our expert facilitators will guide you in intentional movement practices, from invigorating sunrise yoga to thrilling adventures, unlocking your inner potential.

Indulge in the nutritious local cuisine, savoring sustainably sourced ingredients that nourish both body and soul. As you forge a profound connection with nature, immerse yourself in its beauty, and rekindle a sense of oneness with the Earth.

Join us at Adventure Retreat, where intentional movement, nourishing cuisine, and nature's splendors converge for a transformative journey of self-discovery amidst the breathtaking wonders of Playa El Valle.

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Breathwork | Onnit Kettlebells | Yoga |     Rope Flow | HydroCore | Suspension Training & more


Indulge in a sensory feast of vibrant colors, rich flavors, and enticing textures at Adventure Retreat. Our home-cooked meals are thoughtfully crafted using locally sourced ingredients that not only tantalize your taste buds but also provide a nourishing experience for both body and mind. From educational culinary explorations to mouthwatering creations, each meal is a delightful journey in itself.

To ensure that we cater to your specific needs, please let us know in advance of any dietary restrictions, allergies, or special requirements you may have.

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Embark on a soul-stirring journey through the enchanting landscapes of Playa El Valle, where the lush jungles, pristine beaches, and cascading waterfalls beckon you to come home to yourself. With our dedicated team of attentive hosts and a supportive community by your side every step of the way, you can safely explore the nurturing land and embrace the transformative experiences that await.

At Adventure Retreat, we create a space where you can delve deep within, find solace in nature's embrace, and embark on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. Let the rhythm of the jungles and the whisper of the waves guide you on an extraordinary adventure of a lifetime.

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