is a mindset; its not what you do, its how you do it


its time to step outside of your comfort zone


pure connection. with nature, with each other, with yourself


This is your chance to explore.

We offer natural, curated adventures designed to pull you out of your comfort zone in a supportive and intentional way.

Step outside of the mundane, get in touch with your freedom.

Discover your potential.

Ideal for solo, couple or group experiences. 

opportunities are unfolding

explore your options

a peek into the magic

"With Nature In Mind" & at the heart of each activity Adventure Retreat offers the chance to learn more about

the delicious local food that nourishes us

the history and insight to the land and community that welcomes us

& the potential that we hold during the activities that move us

From sunrise yoga to zip lining through the jungle, each activity is intentional and offers unique introspective moments that allow us to connect deeper to our environments


*Please note itinerary is subject to change. Once your reservation is complete you will receive a more detailed schedule. 

Meet the Adventure Retreat Team