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     Adventure Retreat is a one of a kind experience allowing the top educators and coaches of the Health and Wellness industry to take their respective audiences into paradise to hone in on the niche aspects of their industry, while immersed in the beauty of nature and holistic living.
     Visualize Playa El Valle becoming the centerstage for your brand to advocate what you’re most passionate about, among a group of like-minded successful individuals all looking to elevate how they breathe, move and feel!  


     The Adventure Retreat brand has organically built a large network of  health advocates and influencers all over America, Europe, and South America with our Elevate through Adventure Retreat Experience.

     Our close knit community is brought together and strengthened throughout this immersive experience and stay connected long after the retreat. This naturally creates a high retention rate for our product and a growing community of passionate humans that advocate for what they’ve grown to love through these unique expeditions.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Like seeds planted in a sustainable garden, Adventure Retreat will flourish, provide and cultivate lasting relationships, memories and experiences that if taken care of - will always give back. 

A Close Knit Community

Our retreats facilitate a unique and close knit community. Built on shared experiences that transform the way our participants think and feel. They go home with an immense amount of gratitude and renewed sense of community and motivation to take positive action.

Authentic Marketing & Advocacy

We take pride in our authentic communities. Adventure Retreat is not a team of influencers, rather advocates of sustainable living and forward thinking.

Continual Growth & Expansion

Adventure Retreat takes place in Playa El Valle, Samana which is a developing part of the country working with nature. We are confident that AR will flourish into a brand recognized around the world with a supportive community full of exciting opportunites that all of our partners will have access to. 

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Become a Sponsor of Adventure Retreat

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Opera Bound


"Music & Art Heals"

Opera Bound is a benefit company that embraces self-love through the healing power of music and art.

Music and Art in daily life can help people find their voice, express their emotions, overcome their obstacles and connect back with their community.

"Expression is Freedom"

Through music and art, we speak without speaking.

Opera Bound hopes their products and patterns, inspired by the beauty of music and art, help inspire you to embrace your own creativity and independent spirit.


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